Food & Grilling

Food & Grilling

Music festivals and barbecues are over. Good thing football season is here to fill our time.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. So as summer parts, let's make it sweet – and a little savory. At your Labor Day celebration, send your guests home swooning over these Pineapple Chimichurri Sliders.

Grillmasters know that grilling = flavor. But what if you stepped up your grill game even more? Try using wood chips the next time you fire up the grill and your guests will be begging for your secret.

Chimichurri on your grilled steak? That's a surefire way to score points as grillmaster (you can't go wrong with that Argentinian classic). But what about those ears of corn you just slid onto the grates?

If it's summertime, it's grilling time. For many, grilling is a passion. By now, you know how much we love it (and how seriously we take it.) But grilling is also very personal. Everyone has different needs and different circumstances.

Summer is right around the corner, so let's see where you stand: Flip-flops? Check. Music festival plans? Definitely. Grill tools? Absolutely. Because you know it's never too early to make sure you're fully armed for grill season.

Your steak game is strong, but having a solid sauce repertoire in your back pocket gives you serious range in the kitchen. That means your cookouts, dinners and any other get-togethers never feel like repeats.

Company is coming by on short notice and there's no time to cook. But with serious charcuterie board-building skills, why would you cook? With the right meats, cheeses and accompaniments – and, of course, the right wine – your table will be quite the draw.

A great cut of meat doesn’t need much. Some olive oil, a pinch of coarse salt and a couple of turns of freshly cracked pepper and that meat is ready for the grill. Sometimes, though, it’s the tougher cuts that don't have a lot of fat marbling that need a little TLC.


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