Food and Wine Deconstructed

Food and Wine Deconstructed

The ultimate mark of a well-versed foodie is the ability to pick a wine that elevates a meal from ordinary to unforgettable. But, the intimidation factor of a wine list can rattle even the most sophisticated gourmand. We've deconstructed it all into three easy tips:


Pick what you like. If a wine tastes good to you, pour it with confidence. You don't need to know how it was made or what a sommelier thinks you should pair it with. You don't even need to know why you like it. If it tastes good to you, it belongs on the table.


Big food likes big wine. Before you cut into a juicy bife de lomo, look for a wine that's up to the task. That means full-bodied with rich flavors. Translation: red meat loves red wine. Or, form our perspective, meat and Malbec go hand-in-hand.


Change it up. Find your base camp and then venture out from there. Awesome that you love Cabernet. There's nothing wrong with a go-to wine, but get to know a few new grape varieties to broaden your palate.

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