Dine Like The Don: The Art of Wining & Dining

Dine Like The Don: The Art of Wining & Dining

Don Miguel Gascón knew a thing or two about the culture of food. He knew how to pair a great bottle of wine with a delicious meal. And, he knew how to dine in style. Take a lesson from The Don:


Dress for the occasion. Before anyone takes a bite, they'll get a taste of your personal style. You might be all business at the office, but let's change it up a bit after hours. Let your attire show a little something about your personality at the dinner table.


Serve up delicioso conversation. This one's a no-brainer. Dining is meant to be social, so just be real and let the stories flow. Somehow, the food and wine tastes better when the crowd is in good spirits.


Know your playing field. If dinner is the game, then the table is your playing field. Don't get caught using a salad fork on your steak. Quick trick: When it comes to utensils, start from the outside and work your way in. When you know your etiquette, you'll be down to savor the food and, better yet, the moments.

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