Meat & Malbec: The Ultimate Pairing

When the time comes to choose a dinner wine, it's got to be Malbec. Here's why: Malbec has softer tannins compared to some of its red counterparts, like Cabernet Sauvignon, which means Malbec goes well with lean cuts of meat like flank, sirloin and skirt steak.

You've been good all year. (Or at least most of the year.) Not because you're avoiding the naughty list, but because you like to eat right and stay healthy. 

It's the New York Sour. A variation on the traditional whiskey sour, this cocktail has it all: taste, simplicity and a handsome presentation.

A big part of a memorable dinner isn’t the food… it’s the interactions with the people sitting at the table.

You don't need to understand every facet of a wine list; you just need to look like you do. Find out how.

Don Miguel Gascón knew a thing or two about the culture of food. He knew how to pair a great bottle of wine with a delicious meal. And, he knew how to dine in style.

The ultimate mark of a well-versed foodie is the ability to pick a wine that elevates a meal from ordinary to unforgettable. But, the intimidation factor of a wine list can rattle even the most sophisticated gourmand.

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